R.aising A.wareness D.aily one DOG at a time

About Us

Christine & Rad Dog

          Christine's passion for animals started from early childhood. Her experience as a vet technician, behavior evaluator, and volunteering with animal agencies finally led her to a career of pet grooming.  She's been working with animals her entire life . 

   Rad Dog’s inspiration to provide vocational training as well as permanent employment to different-abled adults all started with owner Christine Well’s son, KJ.

   KJ was born with Down syndrome, a congenital heart defect and a long list of health issues as well. Christine spends a lot of her time helping KJ be the best he can be and thinking about
his future. She says, “The majority of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are either unemployed or underemployed, despite their ability, desire, and willingness to work in the community. I wanted to help change that.”

   Rad Dog has been working with North Florida School of Special Education, Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Down Syndrome Association, and others to help people with disabilities find meaningful careers.

   Rad Dog permanently hires adults that are different-abled. Wells says, “The adults that apply with Rad Dog want to work with animals, and it’s amazing what we can do for them. Providing jobs and having fun doing what we do makes for an awesome workday!”

Please welcome the new faces you will see when dropping off or picking up your pets 

What Makes Us Different

We are open by appointment only. Giving your pet 100% of our attention in a stress free environment.  We also offer express appointments for those wanting quick in and out service without kennel time.

   Our groomers are well trained to ensure satisfaction and your pet's safety. Our staff receive continuing education to stay on top of industry standards, latest styles, and trends for both dogs and cats

   We are involved in our community and strive to make better opportunities for our generation of adults that are different-abled.


  • Complete Pet Grooming
  • All Breeds Dogs & Cats
  • Hand Scissoring
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Breed Styles
  • Nail Filing & Nail Caps
  • Specialty Shampoos
  • Cat Grooming
  • Rad Dog Doos (Creative Art and Fur Coloring)
  • And More

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